Name: Liddy Fee: $750 Location: Taiwan

Approx Birthday:3/1/2021 Sex:Female Breed: Formosan Mountain Dog Weight: 17kg Length (head to toe): 65cm Height (chest to base of tail): 65cm Spayed/Neutered?: Yes

Special need: No Previous Injury: No

Food Type: Kibbles Food Brand: Various brands Eating Habit: twice

Leash Manners: Loose leash, loves to sniff. Working on barking + lunging at dogs relating to insecurity and wanting to greet Current Walking Habit: Twice a day 1 hour each + potty breaks. Hikes on weekends. Tolerates Crating?:No Potty Habit: Outdoor Basic Commands: Sit Ever been Alone in Home: Without people and without dogs

Kid Friendly: 4/5 Friendly. Does not actively approach and seek affection, but accepts them if it happens. Leaves when the children are being inappropriate and rude. Dog Friendly: 3.5/5 welcomes well mannered dogs but dislikes rude dogs. Would warn by showing teeth/growling/barking but does not attack/bite/nip Cat Friendly: 4/5 Friendly. Generally ignores and leaves when cats try to be affectionate Currently Lived with a Cat?: No Difference in Treating Indoor/Outdoor Cat?: No

Barking: 2/5 Alert barks at strangers approaching and the people that she’s unsure of. Stops when corrected. Chewing: 3/5 Able to chew things open when they are bored. Can be resolved if exercised enough Separation Anxiety: 1/5 No reaction and secure

Fear for Adult Men: 2/5 Shy and might flinch lightly when touched. Does not actively approach and seek affection. Accepts petting if the man is mild mannered and respectful. Fear for Strangers: 2/5 Shy and might flinch lightly when touched. Does not actively approach and seek affection. Accepts petting if the man is mild mannered and respectful. Fear for Traffic: 2/5 Jumps slightly when encountering large and loud vehicles and/or devices. Recovers within 10 minutes.

Activity Level: 3/5 Medium energy – needs at least 2 hours per day of combination of intense exercise and leisure walks Velcro Level: 4/5 Enjoy cuddling and would actively seek it. Secure if the handler leaves. Prey Drive: 2/5 Low prey drive – runs around sometimes for fun but it is for the love of running and playing and not to kill

Liddy is a medium haired beautiful sleek and slender Formosan Mountain Dog. She was rescued from a power plant in Central Taiwan along with her 11 other siblings when she was around 2-3 months old. Compared to her siblings, she’s on the shyer side. The first day that she went to the rescuer’s she was so timid that she hid in the cupboards. After good socialization efforts, she’s able to walk in busy night markets in Taiwan among loud noises comfortably. Like most Formosans, she is very family/in-group oriented. She bonds with her people well and is very loyal. She enjoys a close snuggle with her humans. She accepts handling from strangers but would keep checking back with her person to make sure that she is okay. Liddy is food driven. Despite being shy with people she doesn’t know, she can warm up better and more quickly with respectful greeting and treats. Typical of a Formosan Mountain Dog, Liddy alert barks but can be redirected or corrected. 

Although Liddy is shy with people, she is assertive with dogs. She is not afraid of telling other dog guests off if they are being rude or just visiting. She does so by light growling and pawing. Light pushing and directing can correct this behaviour. With experienced handling, she can settle as soon as 5 minutes. She guarded her food with new dogs and/or dogs she did not trust in Taiwan – however, she does not exhibit this behaviour in Vancouver. 

In Taiwan, Liddy rarely encountered dogs larger than herself on walks, which might have contributed to her insecurity in meeting dogs on leash in Vancouver. She may bark and lunge when passing larger dogs or sensitive, and hyperactive dogs. The awesome foster in Vancouver is working on this behaviour and has seen great improvement in two months. Liddy continues to improve and can now greet selective dogs on the street. She even wants to play with some of them! 

Being a Formosan Mountain Dog, she is naturally timid of children. Families without or with dog savvy and older children are recommended. Although Liddy is calm and without separation anxiety, Formosan Mountain Dogs are intelligent, athletic dogs that need good exercises and mental stimulation. At least an hour offleash time or hikes with lots of sniffs and socialization per day, plus fun on leash walks with mental training and pee breaks per day is the minimum amount of recommended exercises. 

Liddy has been generally healthy since rescue. She had a hygroma removed on her right front leg on September 30th 2021 and it has not reoccured since. At time of rescue she was positive for canine ehrlichia, which is also treated and retested negative. Liddy is up to date with all her vaccinations including DAPP, Lepto, CoV 1&2, Lyme, and rabies. She has completed full chemistry panel, CBC, and passed 6 tickborn disease combo, 4Dx test including heartworm screening. She is also dewormed regularly, including fleas and ticks, internal deworming and heartworm prevention. In addition, she has completed hip x-rays to screen for any hip related issues and screened for patellar luxation. 

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