Fee: $1500 Location: Taiwan Earliest Date to Arrive: Feb 26 2021

Approx Birthday: Sep 10 2020 Sex: Female Breed: Formosan Mountain Dog X. Weight: 8.5 kg Length (head to toe): 40 cm Height (chest to base of tail): 40 cm Spayed/Neutered: No

Special Need: N/A Previous injury: N/A

Harness Trained: Heels Crate Trained: Yes Potty: Outdoor Basic Commands: Sit Pee Pads: N/A Ever Been Alone in Home: Yes

Food brand: Kibbles Number of Feeding per Day 2

Kid Friendly*: 4/5 Dog Friendly: 5/5 Cat Friendly*: 4/5 Barking: 1/5 Chewing: 1/5 Separation Anxiety: 1/5 Fear for Adult Men*: 4/5 Active Level: 2/5 Independence Level: 2/5

Kid Friendly*: Doesn’t actively approach, but won’t be attack and will allow pets

Cat Friendly*: Will neither approach nor attack a cat

Fear for Adult Men*: Doesn’t reach out to strangers or kids, willing to be pet and can interact well with dogs

Sandy was rescued on the road to a temple in Taiwan on October 25, 2020. When she was found, she barely had any hair and was extremely lethargic. The rescuer only realized she was still alive after checked closely.  When the rescuer tried scooping her up, Sandy tried to escape but she was too weak to get away.

Sandy’s mom and sister were seen not far from Sandy. They also had severe dermatological conditions, but they were more aggressive and refused any help and ran away at the time. 4 days after, the rescuer came back and hoped to try again. The residents in the area reported that Sandy’s sister had not shown up for a while. They think she probably has already passed away. So only Sandy’s mom received treatment and was spayed and returned.

Sandy used to roam with her mom and has never been around human before. She is very shy and quiet with people, and she barely barks. She loves to play with dogs, and is occasionally curious about cats but will not chase them. She has a tiny, well defined face which is very special for a mix Formosan. Now Sandy is waiting for a new family that can provide her some lovely human experiences.

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