Fee: $600 + Applicable Transportation Fee Location:  Taiwan 

Approx Birthday: Apr 1 2019 Sex: Male  Breed: Formosan Mountain Dog x. Weight: 15 kg  Length (head to toe): 50cm Height (chest to base of tail): 40 cm Spayed?/Neutered?:  Yes

Special Need: N/A Previous injury: N/A

Leash Trained*: Yes  Crate Trained: Yes Potty: Indoor & Outdoor Grass Basic Commands: No Pee Pads: No  Ever Been Alone in Home: Only without people

Food brand: Generic Kibbles Number of Feeding per Day:Food Guarding: No

Kid Friendly*: 4/5 Dog Friendly*: 4/5 Cat Friendly*: 4/5 Barking: 2/5 Chewing: 2/5 Separation Anxiety: 1/5 Fear for Adult Men: 2/5 Active Level: 3/5 Independence Level: 3/5

Leash Trained*: Heels, will walk directly next to people

Kid Friendly*: Cautious but will allow petting

Dog Friendly*: Loves to play with other dogs, needs to manage to prevent over-stimulation

Cat Friendly*: Has no experience living with cats but when met at pet store or hospital, doesn’t have any unfriendly or scared reaction

A group of high school students witnessed Stanley getting kicked off from a motorcycle in Taiwan. The students were very upset and filmed how this incident happened. This video was on the internet and drew some attention from the public and finally was treated under the Animal Protect Law by Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine of Taiwan. After the case settled, the students who initially voiced for Stanley came back and rescued him.

The investigation took approximately 2 months, during that Stanley spent most of the time alone in his crate without any interaction with human or other animals. When he first came out, walking on leash was a bit awkard and challenging but Stanley adjusted quickly to the life outside.

Stanley is a shy baby in a new environment but once he gets used to the surroundings and understands there is no harm around, he becomes very affectionate, outgoing and he always wants to play. Stanley loves his home and feels obligated to protect his people. Whenever there is unknown sound and motion outside of the house or shadow by the window, he alerts the house owner through barking.

Due to his previous experience, Stanley is still lack of confidence outside. He gets cautious easily and needs to stay close with the owner(by leash). If In the dog parks, he always tries to dig holes at the corner and run away. However, when accompanied with other dogs, he is much more willing to be run around and explore. Therefore we recommand to keep Stanley with patient senior dogs, so he has a role model to learn from and can blend into his new family sooner.

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