Name: Abby Fee: $1500 Location: Vancouver

Approx Birthday: Oct 1 2020 Sex: Female Breed: Formosan Mountain Dog x Weight: 16 kg Length (head to toe) 70 cm Height (chest to base of tail) 60 cm Spayed/Neutered? Yes

Special need: No Previous Injury: None Food Type: Kibbles Food Brand: Generic Eating Habit Twice a day

Leash Manners: Pulls, 追小動物 Chases little animals Current Walking Habit: Weekend only Tolerates Crating? Yes but not for the full day Potty Habit: Indoor, Pee Pad, Walking on leash Basic Commands Hi-5 Hi-10, Wait Ever been Alone in Home: Yes

Kid Friendly: 5/5 Not afraid and likes children
Dog Friendly: 5/5 Actively invite to play with dogs with all sizes.
Cat Friendly: 2/5 Whenever sees a cat wants to chase
Ever Lived with a Cat?: No Difference in Treating Indoor/Outdoor Cat?: No

Barking: 3/5 Sensitive and barks to everything in the space and takes a few attempts of correction to settle.
Chewing: 4/5 Chews anything but can be redirected if you stuff her any alternatives
Separation Anxiety: 3/5 Upset mostly when the humans first leave the house, but is okay when the owner is in the same space just out of sight

Fear for Adult Men: 1/5 No fear and loves men
Fear for Strangers: 1/5 No fear and loves people
Fear for Traffic: 2/5 Clearly dislikes traffic and may exhibit behaviours to communicate the discomfort. Recovers once left the busy street

Activity Level: 4/5 Needs at least 3 1-hour-long walks + at least an hour of non-stop offleash
Velcro Level: 4/5 Wants to follow the owner around at all times and wants to do everything together but doesn’t need to be on the owner
Prey Drive: 3/5 Chases pulls and gets excited. Can be recalled but takes time and effort. Very rarely succeed in hunting

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