Fee: $500 Location: Taiwan Earliest Date to Arrive: March 25 2020

Breed:Formosan Mountain Dog x Approx Birthday: Dec 15 2018 Gender: Female Weight: 20 kg Height (head to toe): 74 cm Length (chest to base of tail): 62 cm

Spayed?: Yes Special Need: N/A Previous injury: N/A Food brand: Kibble Things to work on: General puppies

Kid Friendly: 4/5 *Dog Friendly: 5/5 Cat Friendly: 4/5 *Barking: 2/5 Chewing: 1/5 Separation Anxiety: 1/5 Fear for Adult Men: 2/5 Active Level: 3/5

Harness Trained: Yes Potty: Mostly Outdoor Basic Commands: Yes Pee Pads: In training Ever Been Alone in Home: Yes

*Kid Friendly: Cautious at first but can be handled and petted after supervised introduction

*Dog Friendly: Plays well

*Cat Friendly: Get along with cats

Fear for Adult Men: Cautiously approach/ but will be fine after sniff

Separation Anxiety: Minimum. May chew if she’s bored

Ayme was found in April, 2019 ( she was only 4 1/2months old) inside of a street gutter. She was weak and covered in fleas. The rescuer couldn’t leave her alone so she took Ayme to the vet. Ayme was extremely affectionate toward people and was really behave throughout the process.

After recovering, the rescuer placed Ayme at a kennel waiting for the right timing to find her a home; however, she has became very timid while she was in there. The rescuer realized that the kennel was not a right fit, so she immediately arranged Ayme to a foster home. Ayme can finally be herself and she is now ready for a new family.

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