Adoption Fee: $500 Location: Taiwan Expected Time of Arrival: Aug 28

Breed: Formosan Mountain Dog x Approx Birthday: Nov 1 2018 Gender: Male Weight: 10 kg Height (head to toe): 60cm Length (chest to base of tail): 58 cm

Previous injury: N/A Special Needs: Knee dysplasia 

Neutered?: Yes Food brand: Dry Kibble with fresh meat Things to work on: N/A

Kid Friendly: 4/5 *Dog Friendly: 4/5 Cat Friendly: 5/5 *Barking: 2/5 Chewing: 2/5 Separation Anxiety: 2/5 Fear for Adult Men: 2/5 Active Level: 4/5

Harness Trained: Yes Potty: Mostly Outdoor Basic Commands: Yes Pee Pads: In Training Ever Been Alone in Home: Yes

*Dog Friendly: Plays well with most dogs but sometimes (not always) gets worked up by smaller dogs in his face

*Kid Friendly: Very Friendly

*Cat Friendly: does not chase 

*Barking: will bark if crated but will stop if corrected

Dalton appeared in the neighbourhood near the rescuer’s friend’s home. He was playing with the friend’s dog everyday on the street. The neighbourhood is not very friendly towards dogs, so the rescuer was contacted. Dalton was subsequently trapped and neutered. Dalton was super comfortable with people that not much of “Trapping” technique was used. The rescuer presented the treat and he just walked right over. Perhaps it was some habits from his past life, Dalton would dominate over puppies and other smaller dogs. After training, he’s much better! 

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