Fee: $450 Location:  Taiwan

Approx Birthday: Jan 26 2018 Sex: Male  Breed: FMD x Terrier Weight: 12.1 kg  Length (head to toe): 57cm Height (chest to base of tail): 42 cm Spayed?/Neutered?: Yes

Special Need: N/A Previous injury: N/A

Harness Trained: Yes  Potty: mostly indoor  Basic Commands: Yes Pee Pads: No  Ever Been Alone in Home: No

Food brand: Dry Kibble Number of Feeding per Day: 1

Kid Friendly: 4/5 Dog Friendly: 4/5 Cat Friendly: 4/5 * Barking: 1/5 Chewing: 2/5 Separation Anxiety: 2/5 Fear for Adult Men: 1/5 Active Level: 2/5 Independence Level: 3/5

Dog Friendly*: Very friendly, but will guard his food. 

Kid Friendly*: Friendly and not fearful. Does not invite play but can be touched

Cat Friendly*: would sniff the cats but no other reactions. Does not pursue 

Separation Anxiety*: Might scratch door when left alone at home; especially when going to new environment.

Level of Independence*: Loves cuddling 

Olaf was rescued from an animal shelter in Dan-shui in Northern Taiwan. In the shelter, the submissive Olaf was getting bullied by other dogs, so the rescuer decided to pull him out of the shelter and rehome him. 

Olaf is a loving, smart, mellow & friendly boy. He’s very smart and observant. He might have a minor separation anxiety in the in the beginning when switching homes, but will open up once he gets to know you. He eats gently and is friendly toward stranger.

Olaf dislike his front paw to be touched. Reason is unknown.

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