Fee: $500 Location: Vancouver

Approx Birthday: Jan. 10, 2015 Sex: Female  Breed:  Formosan Mountain Dog x Weight: 19.5kg  Length (chest to base of tail): 55cm Height ( head to toe): 48cm Spayed?/Neutered?: Yes

Previous injury: N/A Special Needs: N/A Things to Work on: General Shyness with Strangers

Harness Trained: Yes Potty: Mostly outdoor  Basic Commands: Yes (sit) Pee Pads: Yes  Ever Been Alone in Home:  Yes but with other dogs at home

Food brand: Dry kibble  Number of Feeding per Day: 2 times per day

Kid Friendly: 4/5 Dog Friendly: 4/5 Cat Friendly: 3/5 * Barking: 1/5 Chewing: 1/5 Separation Anxiety: 1/5 Fear for Adult Men: 2/5 Active Level: 2-3/5 Independence Level: 4/5

Kid Friendly: Friendly when meeting children but has not lived with one 

Dog Friendly*: Gets along with other dogs well, dislikes pushy dogs in her face or playing so vigorously into her space. She will light bark to correct other dogs then walk away

Cat Friendly: Not lived with a cat but ignored when seeing one at the vet

Barking: alert barking

Fear for Adult Men:  Is a little shy at first, but will warm up with some trust and time

Independence Level: Can be on her own, but loves it when people call her name repeatedly. She gives a helicopter happy tail

In the beginning of May this year at 4am, it suddenly started to pour outside. The rescuer opened the window to check on the rain, and that’s when she spotted Penny, just hiding by the neighbour’s garage door. She’s a dog that was part of the TNR program. The rain was so heavy that the rescuer took her in for the night. Seeing how friendly she is, the rescuer decided to rehome Penny.

She’s quiet, people oriented, and calm. She loves it when the rescuer calls her name in a high pitched voice. She runs over with a helicopter tail for pets. She walks very well on leash. She dislikes being petted on the chin, and would turn around and walk away. Sometimes when the rescuer pets her, Penny would have an expression as if she couldn’t believe that she deserves such kindness. Penny is also food driven and loves rolling on the grass!

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