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Breed: Formosan Mountain Dog x Approx Birthday: Feb 1 2019 Gender: Female Weight: 11.5 kg Height (head to toe): 55 cm Length (chest to base of tail): 50 cm Spayed?: Yes Special Need: N/A Food brand: Kibbles Things to work on: Hyper + cat chasing *Kid Friendly: 5/5 *Dog Friendly: 5/5 *Cat Friendly: 3/5 *Barking: 2/5 Chewing: 1/5 Separation Anxiety: 1/5 Fear for Adult Men: 1/5 Active Level: 4/5 Harness Trained: Yes Potty: Mostly Outdoor Basic Commands: Yes Pee Pads: Half/Half Ever Been Alone in Home: Yes *Kid Friendly: Good interaction *Dog Friendly: play very well with other dogs *Cat Friendly: Chases when the cat runs. *Barking: alert barking. Stops when told to *Fear for Adult Men: Barks when men come into the home

It was almost fate that our rescuer met Rou. She was scheduled to pick up her package from her usual convenient store in the neighbourhood only to find that the goods were delivered to the wrong store nearby. When she rushed over, she saw Rou strolling down the street like a runway model. She walks door to door sniffing leisurely, and don’t really care even when the people pay no attention or give no desire to acknowledge her. The rescuer took Rou in her arms, effortlessly, and Rou is just happy. No one has seen her before, and the neighbours all think that someone had dumped her there. It is fate that she needs to be rescued to rescue more people! Rou is extremely loving and food driven! She will bring happiness in your life!

Adoption Application Adoption Fee Foster Opportunity
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