Fee: $1500 Location:  Vancouver Date of Arrival: Jan 24 2021 Approx Birthday: Sep 12 2020 (Actual) Sex: Male  Breed: Formosan Mountain Dog x Weight: 46lb  Length (head to toe): 70cm Height (chest to base of tail): 65 cm Spayed?/Neutered?: Yes Special Need: N/A Previous injury: N/A Leash Manners: Easily Distracted Crate Trained: Yes Potty: Outdoor Basic Commands: Sit Pee Pads: No  Ever Been Alone in Home: Only without people Food brand: N&D Number of Feeding per Day: 2 Kid Friendly*: 4/5 Dog Friendly*: 4/5 Cat Friendly*: 2/5 4/5 Barking: 2/5 Chewing: 3/5 Separation Anxiety: 2/5 Fear for Adult Men: 1/5 Active Level: 4/5 Independence Level: 3/5 Kid Friendly*: Curious and friendly Dog Friendly*: Good with dogs but if other dogs try bullying him he barks back to stand his ground Cat Friendly*: Chases cats for fun both indoors and outdoors

Tyton is happy and active, loves people and dogs. It takes some time for him to get used to a new environment. Once he is familiar, his personality comes out. He is extremely food driven and would steal food from other dogs’ bowls after his done with his meal. He’s not scared even if the other adult dogs growl at him. Tyton can evaluate if he will get “disciplined” by other dogs and pushes the boundaries. Tyton is part of a litter of 7: Tyton, Tank, Tiger, Lewis, Lu, Sesame, and Tyler. Their mother was not spayed. Despite having an owner, other dogs had access to the mother kept in the yard, and the pups were the result of it. As a Formosan Mountain Dog cross, they are expected to grow to a medium size medium to high energy dogs that will require good exercise and mental stimulation.

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