Thank you everyone for adopting and giving the dogs the love that they deserve especially during the challenging time of the pandemic.

Because of the pandemic, we have been trying creative ways to bring the doggos over, including routing through the States and with with help of @the_pack_dog_training. Since EVA airline’s craft change, we are no longer able to route the dogs through the States.

With the flights coming from TPE to YVR only operate twice a month, and with two kennels per passenger, we had no choice but switching to the cargo option. This results in an increase in adoption fee to $1,500 per dog, but we will be able to bring the dogs over with certainty within a month.

While we understand and respect that not everyone can accept this fee structure, it is the best balance we can reach at the time of the pandemic. CooGo and the doggos thank you for your continued support!

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