Name: Molly Fee: $650 Location: Vancouver

Approx Birthday: 4/1/2016 Sex:Female Breed: Spitz cross Weight: 30lb Length (head to toe):  Height (chest to base of tail): Spayed/Neutered?: Yes

Medical Notes: Needs to be on vet hypoallergenic food Previous Injury: Femur head removal on right hind leg. Early onset of arthritis can be managed on oral pain management medication 

Food Type: Kibbles Food Brand: Royal Canine Prescription Diet Eating Habit: Twice a day 

Leash Manners: Heels, Barking at Dogs Current Walking Habit:3 times a day Tolerates Crating?: Yes Potty Habit: Outdoor Basic Commands: Sit, Paw Ever been Alone in Home: Without Dogs or People

Kid Friendly: 3/5 Only with dog savvy children who can give plenty of space Dog Friendly: 3/5 Generally ignores when off leash. Lunges and barks on leash but can be corrected. Does not pursue once passed. Plays well if passed the initial greeting (see video) Cat Friendly: No – will chase Currently Lived with a Cat?: No Difference in Treating Indoor/Outdoor Cat?: No

Barking: 2/5 Barks on leash at dogs and alert barks. Chewing: 2/5 Chews when occasionally when bored and enjoys chewing toys or chewing treats. Separation Anxiety: 1/5 No reaction and secure

Fear for Adult Men: 2/5 Friendly. Does not actively approach and seek affection, but accepts them if it happens. Fear for Strangers: 2/5 Friendly. Does not actively approach and seek affection, but accepts them if it happens. Fear for Traffic: 2/5 Jumps slightly when encountering large and loud vehicles and/or devices. Recovers within 10 minutes.

Activity Level: 2/5 Medium low energy – needs at least an hour per day of exercise. Low intensity and low impact exercises are okay Velcro Level: 3/5 Somewhat cuddly but is independent. Enjoys being petted, head, on people. If seeking for affection, the request is polite and subtle. If the humans leave, does not actively seek attention Prey Drive: 3/5 Medium prey drive – likes to stalk, chase, and hunt but almost never succeed.

Molly is an extremely sweet dog who loves nothing more than a good head rub. She is about 8 years young and is a medium to low energy dog. Although she loves being around her people accepting endless amounts of head scratches, Molly enjoys her “me” time and will often wander off when she’s had enough. She doesn’t display any separation anxiety and will generally find a comfy corner at home to hang out on her own. She doesn’t need the constant attention of her human and is happy chewing or playing with her toys. Molly would do well being an in an only dog household or having a dog-savvy pup sibling who understands her boundaries. Currently she is living with a senior mini poodle sister and she has been the BEST and most polite foster to date! Good introductions to other dogs are extremely important in Molly’s case as she can be very particular about her company. If the doggy intros are good, Molly ends up doing very well in group settings.

As with all rescues, Molly is no exception and has some quirks that come with her. This girl loves her walks and will do her happy dance to let you know how excited she is. She is generally pretty good on leash with minor pulling but she does get reactive when she sees another dog – even from a distance. She will bark and try to lunge in the direction of the dog but she can be corrected by pulling in the opposite direction. When walking on busy roads and riding in cars, she does have a tendency to bark at traffic but after some time, the barking does subside. In regards to humans, she is a pretty mellow dog. She will come to you when she wants affection, but if she is in her own space, either sleeping or chewing on her toy, you do need to watch how to approach her. She doesn’t like to be surprised or bothered in her personal space and she will let you know by her growl. It’s best to call out to her and let her come to you to accept cuddles and pets.

Once you really get to know Molly, you will see that she is truly an amazing dog. With some dedication and the right environment, she will thrive and learn to overcome her insecurities. She is just waiting for the right home that understands her current needs and is willing to work through them.

You will need to be careful when touching Molly’s behind and right hind leg as she has had previous surgery which induced early arthritis. She does experience pain in those areas from time to time and will let you know by limping and growling. Her arthritis is easily managed with oral medication.

Molly was rescued in Central Taiwan in the public shelter April 2019. When the rescuer visited Molly was chained to a post as a new surrender waiting to. be processed. She was malnourished with discoloured large breasts – it was clear that she had a few litters of puppies. Molly greeted the rescuer happily –  that’s the moment the rescuer knew that Molly deserves a good home. 

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