About Us


Cooper was part of a litter of 5, found placed in the park in a cardboard box by the volunteers who were out feeding stray cats. They were about 7 weeks old at the time, clean and appeared to be well-fed. When the local residents saw the puppies, especially Cooper, they recognized which family they were from. Sadly, they were dumped by irresponsible dog owners who don’t spay or neuter their dogs and leave them wonder on the streets outdoors. Cooper is the last puppy when Iris saw his picture and fell in love with him. Cooper is a gentle giant who loves chasing balls. He also cuddles with his feline brother Lupi. He is now one of our brand ambassadors like Sango!


Sango was found limping, with a rotting wound on her right leg, struggling to get some food at the rescuer’s feeding area. She was only about 3 months old. Despite her injuries, she is very trusting and affectionate. The rescuer took her to the emergency vet, and unsurprisingly, her paw was snapped off by an animal trap. Her wound was infected so badly that her leg had to be amputated. Being a puppy with a cheery personality, she quickly bounces back. Her favourite thing to do is cuddling with Nana the cat and chasing squirrels. She is now our home check ambassador!

Formosan Mountain Dogs

CooGo’s founders, Tracy and Iris adopted Cooper and Sango, the two beautiful Formosan Mountain Dog mixes from Taiwan and there’s no going back. The beautiful, sleek, yet alert, intelligent and sensitive Formosan Mountain Dogs are primitive hunting dogs that have lived with the natives in Taiwan for hundreds of years. Some believe that they domesticated themselves like cats did! They would hunt alongside with the humans, matching their speed to the native deers and wear the prey down with teamwork. The Formosans even fought with the natives when the Japanese colonized Taiwan. Unfortunately, the Taiwanese government did not attempt to conserve Formosans and the people treat them as pests. They are often the subjects of neglect and abuse, leaving most of them timid and aloof so that they can survive. We wanted to save these amazing dogs like Cooper and Sango to Vancouver, and hence the birth of Coogo!