How to Adopt


Step 1 – Search

Explore Available Dogs

If you would like to get more information about one or more dogs you are interested before you apply for adopting the animal, please send us a private message and we are happy to answer any questions including the adoption fee schedule, specific behaviour, medical records etc.

Most of the dogs that are available are still in Taiwan and will ONLY be flown over if they have a confirmed adoption in Vancouver. That being said, if there is one confirmed adoption, we will start looking for flights for the dog and will possibly bring more over even if adopters are not found.

While we understand many potential adopters would like to meet the dogs prior to committing, please note that priorities will be given to those who are willing to commit before the arrival of the dogs.

In response to many inquiries to meeting the dog prior to committing, we have created a foster to adopt program that is still under trial. This program will mean flying the dog over first to have a trial run before you can firmly commit. That being said, priorities will still be given to those who are willing to commit before the arrival of the dog. Please Contact Us for more details about this program.

The dogs will be placed in volunteered foster family if they have not found a forever home before arriving Vancouver. In this case, we will specify that the dog is available for meet, and will arrange a meet and greet session after a received application and approved home check.

Or Send in a Set of Criteria

If none of the available dogs fit your criteria, another option would be sending us an application form outlining your criteria using the Contact Us page. So when a dog that matches your criteria becomes available, we will be sure to contact you!

Step 2 – Adoption Application

You have found a dog that you absolutely adore, and all your family members are excited about the possible new addition of the family, then this is the time to fill out an
Adoption Application
and start the application process!

Application processing priority is established through:

1. First come first serve

2. If it is a good match. For example, an active dog will not be matched to a family with a sedentary lifestyle.

3. Whether or not the application is completed

We will try our best to respond to each applications as promptly as possible. Depending on the volume and interest for each dog, some decisions may be made early in the stage and other applicants will NOT be contacted. Should you be interested in knowing the progress and reason, please don’t hesitate to message us! We will also be happy to introduce you to alternative dogs that we think will fit you also!

Step 3 – Home Check

Once we have reviewed all the applicants, the desirable candidate with a high priority standing will be contacted for a home check.

Home checks usually last from 30 minutes to an hour. With either Cooper or Sango or both depending on your adoption application, both of us will come over to see your home. We will need you to show us where the dog will spend most of her time, and where she will sleep. We will also need you to show us the yard if you have one, and we may point out some points that need to be repaired and fenced for improvement. We will also take some pictures of your home (mainly the spaces that the dog will spend most time at and the yard) to privately share with the foster family in Taiwan. CooGo values your privacy very much. Please note that we will NOT share these photos publicly or with any other unrelated 3rd parties unless with your explicit permission.

Step 4 – Confirmed Adoption

In some cases adoption may be approved at the conclusion of the home check, but most of the time we will need some time to process the information at the home check. We will contact you again to make an arrangement for signing an adoption contract. In the contract, it will outline all the important specifics about adoption the pet, including what shots the animal has and confirming the details to make sure that we are adopting out the correct animal.

Upon signing of the contract, a non-refundable deposit consist half of the adoption fee will be collected. The preferred method of payment if email transfer only because of its convenience. The balance of the fee will be due on the day to pick up the animal at the airport, or at the foster family.
Please note that the balance of the adoption fee is due on the day of pick-up. If we have not receive a payment at the day of the pick-up, the dog will be staying with us and a penalty will apply. To avoid frustration, it is recommended to arrange the payment ahead of time. A signed receipt will be provided.

Step 5 – Pick-up

Most of the time, the pick-up of the dog will happen at the Airport. We will communicate the arrival time, the airline, and the flight number to you in advance. We will also forward pictures of the pooches boarding the plane in Taiwan to get you excited!

Airport Pick-up

Sometimes the flight arrival time may not fit your schedule. In such case, you will be responsible for arranging an alternative pick up person that you trust, and communicate with us promptly. If for any reasons that you could not arrange an alternative way of pick-up, we will charge a boarding fee and transportation fee per day. If the animal is not picked up in a week, CooGo Rescue Foundation will assume the ownership of the animal, and put the pooch back to adoption. In this case, a penalty for breaching the contract will apply, and CooGo Rescue Foundation will reserve the option to take legal action.

In the case where the pick-up is at the volunteered foster family, we will arrange a time that is convenient for everyone. If an appointment must be frustrated, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance, if possible. If an appointment is frustrated without notice, the penalty mentioned above will also apply.

Foster Family Pick-up

In the case where the dog has already arrived and placed in foster homes, this is where we do the meet and greet and have you confirm the final decision of the adoption. This process will only happen if a home check was successful to ensure efficiency, effectiveness, and privacy of the foster home.

As previously noted, the balance of the adoption fee will be payable at the pick-up of the dog. That being said, the balance will be held for a 2 week period, and is refundable if for any reason the dog does not turn out to be a good fit. If this happens, the non-refundable portion will rollover to your next adoption should you decide to adopt another dog from us.

If for any reason the assessment period needs to be extended, we will do so in writing, signed by both you and CooGo rescue foundation.

We hope it will be a good-fit, and you can shower us with happy pictures of you, your family and the new addition of the family!

Step 6 – Follow-up

CooGo requires all the adopters to send us updates via pictures and videos for the first month of the adoption. After the conclusion of the 2-week trial period, we will schedule a final home visit to ensure everything is in place. This will mark the completion of the adoption contract. Although it is not mandatory, we will be happy to receive continued updates about the dog throughout his life time!
This concludes the adoption process. If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us!