Name: Audi Fee: $700 Location: Vancouver

Approx Birthday:10/10/2017 Sex:Male Breed: Dachshund Weight: 8.3kg Length (head to toe): Long boi Height (chest to base of tail):Short boi Spayed/Neutered?: Yes

Special need: No Summary Medical Notes: First degree patellar luxation. 8 teeth removed, otherwise healthy

Food Type: Kibbles, Canned Food Food Brand: N&D Farmina Eating Habit: Twice a day

Leash Manners: Barking At Stranger, Dogs, and Prey like Animals Current Walking Habit: 30 Minutes Twice a day Tolerates Crating?: Yes Potty Habit: Outdoor Basic Commands: Sit Ever been Alone in Home: Yes: Without Dogs or People

Kid Friendly: 4/5 Friendly. Does not actively approach and seek affection, but accepts them if it happens. Leaves when the children are being inappropriate and rude. Dog Friendly: 3/5 Barking at selective dogs. Cat Friendly: Barks at cats Currently Lived with a Cat?: No Difference in Treating Indoor/Outdoor Cat?:No

Barking: 3.5/5 Separation anxiety related barks. Barks when being alone but does not bark when the humans are around Chewing: 2/5 Chews when occasionally when bored and enjoys chewing toys or chewing treats. Separation Anxiety: 1.5/5 Barks for a short period of time or until he notices someone is around

Fear for Adult Men: 3/5 Barks when seeing men but can be petted Fear for Strangers: 3/5 Barks but can be petted Fear for Traffic: 1/5 Very comfortable in walking on a busy street. No reactions even when walking pass busses, construction vehicles, or other large/loud motor devices

Activity Level: 1/5 Low energy – 15 – 30 minutes per day of exercise. Low intensity and low impact preferred Velcro Level: 5/5 Extremely cuddly – loves being petted, held, and on people and actively seek it. Even when the humans leave, the dog follows everywhere and demand cuddling Prey Drive:3/5 Medium prey drive – likes to stalk, chase, hunt and bark but almost never succeed.

This floppy ear fella is the most loyal companion you will ever meet. Audi is a friend that offers wet kisses and his undying loyalty to you. Other than food, Audi wants nothing else more in this world than to be with you. This dog will follow you to the ends of the earth if it means he can have some space to sleep on your lap. He has been observed to show fear of the dark on some walks and requires patience when it’s potty time. Audi is potty trained, and accidents can occur when he does not receive the breaks he needs throughout the day. However, he can be a total champ and hold it throughout the night if it means he can stay in bed where it’s warm. 

Audi was rescued from the puppy mill. He was bald and had weak joints. In the beginning he was so malnourished that even standing upright was challenging. His skin was so itchy that it took the rescuer 4 months to nourish him back to health. Of course, Audi had the common problem that puppy mill dogs share, bad teeth. After taking x-rays at the vet, Audi had 8 teeth removed and repaired a fistula in his gum. 

Audi is a brave doggo who is low energy but will go above and beyond to alert you of danger on walks. He sleeps with one eye open to check if you are sneaking away from him. Therefore, if you don’t mind a short dog following you everywhere in the house. You will always find Audi right behind your tail.

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