Bang Bang

Name: Bang Bang Fee: $600 Location: Vancouver

Approx Birthday: 11/1/2017 Sex: Female Breed: Poodle x Maltese (best guess) Weight: 5 kg Length (head to toe): 32 cm Height (chest to base of tail): 35 cm Spayed/Neutered?: Yes

Special need: No Previous Injury: No evidence of injury however habitually raise legs when getting up and down the stairs. No signs of pain. X-ray and physical exams appear to be normal. Supplements recommended. Missing teeth. Other: May appear to be chewing as she recently had 9 teeth extracted 

Food Type: Freshly prepared food Food Brand: Dislike kibbles Eating Habit: Twice a Day + Treats

Leash Manners: Heels Current Walking Habit: 4 times a day Tolerates Crating?: Yes – might guard space if a dog walks by Potty Habit: Outdoor – might mark on carpet in new environment Basic Commands: Sit, Paw Ever been Alone in Home: Only without people

Kid Friendly: 5/5 Very Friendly. Actively approach and seek affection. Does not get put off by rude actions Dog Friendly: 3/5 Friendly. Territorial at home towards dogs of all sizes. Might nip if they get too close and appears to attempt to steal attention Cat Friendly: 3/5 If other dogs chase the cat then will pursue as well. Ever Lived with a Cat?: Yes – only feral rescued cats in Taiwan Difference in Treating Indoor/Outdoor Cat?:No

Barking: 2/5 Alert barks sometimes if something is really out of place and can be corrected. Barks at garbage trucks at home Chewing: 1/5 Not a chewer Separation Anxiety: 2/5 Barking for a should period of time then settles

Fear for Adult Men: 1/5 Very Friendly. Actively approach and seek affection. Fear for Strangers: 1/5 Very Friendly. Actively approach and seek affection. Fear for Traffic: 1/5 Very comfortable in walking on a busy street. No reactions even when walking pass busses, construction vehicles, or other large/loud motor devices

Activity Level: 3/5 Medium energy – needs at least 2 stimulating walks a day 30 minutes or more each plus pee breaks throughout the day Velcro Level: 5/5 Extremely cuddly – loves being petted, held, and on people and actively seek it. Even when the humans leave, the dog follows everywhere and demand cuddling Prey Drive: 2/5 Low/Medium prey drive – likes chase but never succeed.

Bang Bang was found in a cage, extremely neglected and sad with very matted hair all over. In fact, her hair was so matted near her leg that it looked like she had 3 front limbs. After getting a trim, Bang bang not only looks so much better, and her personality and sass starts to show. Her favourite thing to do is to jump up high to get attention and treats. She walks extremely well on leash and is medium on the low side in activity level. She might chase cats if other dogs do. 

Bang Bang is not without her quirks. She is territorial and jealous at home if there are other dogs around. Although she tolerates crating, if other dogs get near her or the crate, she growls and might lunge to intimidate. This behaviour is more toned with larger dogs largely because she understands the discrepancy in size. We think it is because of her long history of neglect that she tries to hang on to the humans she trusts and loves. 

It doesn’t bother Bang Bang but she from time to time raises her right hind leg when she takes stairs or walk for too long. She doesn’t appear to be in pain with her leg, but it is an area of concern. In Taiwan, she has been on muscle relaxant, physio, acupuncture. hydrotherapy and no improvement. The hip and back x-ray are normal, so are the knee exams. For this reason, CooGo requires the adopters to enrol her in pet insurance so she can receive the best care if the she gets a diagnosis here. She has 9 teeth extracted in addition to 6 that were already missing when she was in Taiwan. She may look like she’s chewing with an empty mouth – this may be due to the recent extractions. 

Bang Bang is fully vetted. She has received full chemistry and CBC blood work, 6 tick-born disease PCR combo tests, 4Dx, hip, back, full mouth x-ray (pre-dental work), and a heart ultrasound. Her teeth have been ultra-sonically cleaned. She received 10-in-1 Zoetis wellness vaccine which includes two types of Corona virus, DHPP, lepto, Lyme vaccine, and rabies. She is regularly dewormed, which includes fleas and ticks, heart worm, internal worms, and Giardia. She is also microchipped. Other than her occasional right hind leg raises, Bang Bang has a clean bill of health. 

Bang Bang is currently in Vancouver and available to meet. Please fill out a no-obligation adoption application to schedule a meet and greet if we think you may be a fit. 

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