Name: Bo Fee: $700 Location: Vancouver

Approx Birthday: 2014 Sex: Female Breed: Long Hair Dachshund Weight: 13 lb Length (head to toe) 9 inch Height (chest to base of tail) 14 inch Spayed/Neutered? Yes

Special need: No Previous Injury: None Food Type: Kibbles + Can Food Brand: Various Eating Habit Twice a day

Leash Manners: Heels Current Walking Habit: 3 times a day Tolerates Crating? Yes Potty Habit: Outdoor Basic Commands Sit & Paw Ever been Alone in Home: Been alone without people or dogs

Kid Friendly: Not exposed to children but is probably friendly
Dog Friendly: 4/5
Cat Friendly: Not lived with cats
Ever Lived with a Cat?: No Difference in Treating Indoor/Outdoor Cat?: Unknown

Barking: 0/5 Debarked
Chewing: 1/5 Minimal
Separation Anxiety: 0/5 No separation anxiety

Fear for Adult Men: 0/5 No fear and loves men
Fear for Strangers: 0/5 Loves all human
Fear for Traffic: 1/5

Activity Level: 2/5 enjoys short walks
Velcro Level: 5/5 Very cuddly
Prey Drive: 2/5

Meet Bo, 7-year-old sweet girl who was rescued from a puppy mill. Despite spending most of her time in a cage, she loves people and has a big heart. However, she would best fit with a patient and experienced owner, who is willing to spend the time to train her to potty. Her foster parents are already making good progress with regular and persistent training. She loves to cuddle with people 24/7. Even though she might look tiny, she is a big eater and loves treats of any kind. She gets along with dogs and children and will try to get your attention at all times! She is excited to see you and will follow you anywhere in the house so if you don’t mind a shorty follower, she could be right for you!

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