Name: Chip Fee: $750 Location: Vancouver

Approx Birthday: 6/1/2018 Sex:Male Breed: Formosan Mountain Dog Weight: 23kg Length (head to toe): 75cm  Height (chest to base of tail): 65 cm Spayed/Neutered?: Yes

Special need: Spring allergy Previous Injury: No

Food Type: Kibbles Food Brand: Acana Eating Habit: Twice a day

Leash Manners: Heels, Pulls, sometimes barks at dogs and children, curious/cautious with people when in closed space such as elevator Current Walking Habit: 2-3 times a day Tolerates Crating?: Yes Potty Habit: Outdoor Basic Commands: Sit, Paw, no, go (back/away), go inside (kennel) Ever been Alone in Home: Without Dogs or People

Kid Friendly: 3/5 Manageable but has defensive reactions including barking or snarling when children act like children, but walks away without further reactions. Generally dislikes children and want to be away from them. Dog Friendly: 4/5 Friendly. Does not actively approach and seek play, but accepts them if it happens. Leaves when the dogs are being inappropriate and rude and might bark or give threats if dogs do not give up Cat Friendly: don’t know Currently Lived with a Cat?:No Difference in Treating Indoor/Outdoor Cat?: don’t know

Barking: 3/5 Alert barks but can be stopped. This includes barking at pedestrians/dogs/animals that cross the window or mailmen, and visitors but can be stopped verbally or within a minute. Chewing: 2/5 Chews when occasionally when bored and enjoys chewing toys or chewing treats. Separation Anxiety: 1/5 No reaction and secure

Fear for Adult Men: 3/5 Gets curious and comes near to sniff strangers. ok if the person is still but if the person tries to approach or pet him, he becomes defensive(usually growls and back up). Fear for Strangers: 3/5 Gets curious and comes near to sniff strangers. ok if the person is still but if the person tries to approach or pet him, he becomes defensive(usually growls and back up) Fear for Traffic: 2/5 Jumps slightly when encountering large and loud vehicles and/or devices. Recovers within 10 minutes.

Activity Level: 2/5 Medium low energy – needs at least an hour per day of exercise. Low intensity and low impact exercises are okay Velcro Level: 3/5 Somewhat cuddly but is independent. Enjoys being petted, head, on people. If seeking for affection, the request is polite and subtle. If the humans leave, does not actively seek attention. Will leave if had enough. Prey Drive:2/5 Low prey drive – runs around sometimes for fun but it is for the love of running and playing and not to kill

Chip was rescued together with his siblings in a garbage disposal field in Taiwan and were left to die. After the rescuer took them in, Chip and his siblings flourished in a multi-dog environment. His siblings and himself were subsequently adopted at around 8 months of age in the Lower Mainland. After his adopter grew the family, Chip could not adapt to the family life with a toddler and was returned to CooGo in November. 

Chip takes time to get secure with new people/owners/places. He forms a strong bond if he is given enough space and time in the beginning. He needs an experienced handler, preferably one with village dog or Formosan handling experience. A gentle guidance without forcing is helpful. Understanding his needs and following his pace is important to prevent unpleasant behaviours. 

Although Chip is able to adapt to a sedentary lifestyle, Formosans are smart breeds that need lots of mental and physical stimulation. He will do best in a home that enjoys outdoor exercises. Please submit a no obligation adoption application to schedule a meet and greet! 

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