Name: Dascha Fee: $750 Location: Taiwan, Arriving Vancouver Jan 15 Evening

Approx Birthday: 10/30/2022 Sex:Female Breed: Formosan Mountain Dog Weight: 3.5kg Length (head to toe): ~25cm Height (chest to base of tail):~20cm Spayed/Neutered?: No; Puppy Program (adopter to pre-pay spaying)

Special need: No Previous Injury: No

Food Type: Kibbles Food Brand: Pro’s choice; Chicken Eating Habit: 4 times

Leash Manners: Heels, Still learning but already has great leash manners compared to her sister Meesa. See video Current Walking Habit: Tolerates Crating?: Yes Potty Habit: Potties outdoor when on walks, and tries to go on absorbent material indoors. Sometimes she misses. Can potty in the yard on raised plastic tiles Basic Commands: Sit Ever been Alone in Home: Only without people

Kid Friendly: Getting tested. To be updated. FMDs generally need dog savvy children who respect their spaces. Older children recommended. Dog Friendly: 4/5 Prefers people over dogs but is still very friendly. Slightly skittish in the beginning with stranger dogs. Polite and playful with adult dogs in foster’s home. Cat Friendly: 4/5 Friendly. Generally ignores and leaves when cats try to be affectionate Currently Lived with a Cat?:Yes Difference in Treating Indoor/Outdoor Cat?:No

Barking: 3/5 Puppy barks. Talkative and communicates using barks. This includes demand barks (wanting to go outside, to eat, to drink, to come in, to pee or barks when bored or overwhelmed). Stops when the demand is fulfilled. Otherwise quiet Chewing: 4/5 Puppy chewing. Currently given chew toys when left alone. Redirected to play when supervised. If not supervised, can potentially be destructive Separation Anxiety: 1/5 No reaction and secure

Fear for Adult Men: 1.5/5 Unsure initially but becomes friendly quickly when offered pets, treats, and soft talks. Cuddles and plays quickly Fear for Strangers: 1.5/5 Unsure initially but becomes friendly quickly when offered pets, treats, and soft talks. Cuddles and plays quickly Fear for Traffic: 1/5 Walks comfortable in traffic

Activity Level: 3/5 Medium energy – needs at least 2 hours per day of combination of intense exercise and leisure walks Velcro Level: 4/5 Cuddly – loves being petted, held, on people and sometimes actively seek cuddling. Prey Drive: Currently not known. Being a Formosan, expect active chasing and sniffing squirrels, bunnies, and other critters.

Dascha, Meesa and Aggy were dumped in an old cardboard box by the bushes by the daily walking route the rescuer takes. Her pack of 10 dogs took an immense interest in the middle of the bushes where they don’t normally attend to, and that is how the rescuer found the puppies. Merely 1.5 months old, the three pups were terrified and unsure why their world was just turned upside down. Fortunately the three of them appeared in good health; possibly just dumped hours ago and have just weaned from mother. The rescuer planned to home the puppies locally and Aggy was adopted quickly. Dascha and Meesa weren’t as lucky. The rest of the interested parties wanted them to be the “security dog,” which means being chained by the neck, confined in front of a building, and being fed leftover soiled food for life. Knowing that the pups deserve a good life in Vancouver, the rescuer took them in, trained and socialize them to be house pets. 

Different from Meesa, who is more interested in toys and dogs, Dascha is extra affectionate towards people. Not only can she be picked up, she would actively crawl onto your lap and snuggle. She also gives kisses. Currently, she lives with a few dog savvy cats in the household and is fairly gentle with the kitty. The rescuer’s video captures when the kitty “disciplines” the puppies, they respect her and switch their attention back to each other. Meesa and Dascha are exceptionally great Formosan puppies. Based on the rescuer’s abundant experiences, FMD puppies can super active, vocal, and destructive. Meesa and Dascha not only play quietly, but also sleep super well post walk. Like all puppies they love chewing. Currently, the rescuer gives them chews and toys and puts them in a space away from furnitures when she’s away from the home. When the rescuer is home, the puppies are with the rest of the pack,  supervised and redirected if they show any interest in chewing furniture. The adopter is expected to do the same to make sure the pups are safe and the home remains undamaged. 

When the pups were first rescued they were so overwhelmed that they were unsure about people. After just a few days of cuddles, kisses and gentle handling, they blossomed into two outgoing pups. That being said, proper and controlled socialization towards people, children and dogs is the key to the future success of these pups, as Formosan Mountain Dogs are a highly intelligent and sensitive breed. Early flooding (over exposure and forces) can do the opposite to their mental health. During the night, the pups are placed in a large tiled bathroom to control the overnight pottying. They fall asleep quickly after a few pets and can sleep through the night. They currently display no separation anxiety. In a new environment, it is important for the future adopter to attend to their basic needs but not overly coddling the puppies especially during their decompression period. Primitive dogs can develop separation anxiety quickly if not given the chance to learn how to be independent and self-sooth when bored. 

The puppies are not exposed to preys in Taiwan just yet – however, the Formosan Mountain Dogs are genetically hunting dogs. Expect excitements and heightened interest in squirrels, bunnies and other critters like racoons, skunks and birds. Many FMD puppies, even without any prior training to hunting, may succeed later in life. 

Dascha and Meesa currently live with two women and 11 other dogs and two cats in the foster’s family. All the dogs are adult dogs and the cats are dog savvy. The two walks per day happen at noon and before bed and mostly off leash in the quiet neighborhood with fields. They are not regularly exposed to traffic yet, however, the rescuer will start the exposure training after they are more settled in the home. It is important to note that in Taiwan, dog owners rarely encounter another leashed dog on the street during walks. As a result, leash lunging while walking is common with Formosan Mountain Dogs. That being said, Dascha and Meesa have started their leash training early in life (see videos). The adopter can reasonable expect some excitement or nervousness pulling on leash when meeting larger and excited dogs on leash. Similarly, rarely do people in Taiwan reach for the dogs on the street or affectionately grab the dogs. Most Taiwanese people ignore or show fear towards these awesome Formosan Mountain Dogs. As a result, the adopters should remind guests or people on the streets to ask for doggie consents before petting the dogs. 

Dascha and Meesa are very healthy despite being rescued from the streets. They are fully vetted and dewormed, screened for potential hip problems via hip x-rays. The vets in Taiwan also perform a physical exam on the knees to screen for patellar luxation. Being Forrmosan Mountain Dogs, they will be medium sized, average 35-50lb. Based on the rescuer’s experience, Dascha and Meesa will be on the smaller side of the spectrum when fully grown. Formosans are loyal companions that have their individual personalities. Don’t be surprised if they give you a side-eye if they don’t feel like doing the commands, or when your treats are not good enough. They may also put on an act if they don’t feel like walking in the foul weather. They most likely will play “fetch” with you – human throw human fetch. 

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