Fee: $600 + Applicable Transportation Fee Location: Taiwan

Approx Birthday: Feb 25, 2017  Sex: Female  Breed: Formosan Mountain Dog x Weight: 14.3kg  Length (head to base of tail): 49cm  Height (head to ground): 45cm Spayed?/Neutered?: Yes

Special Need: N/A Previous injury: N/A Vaccines Pending: N/A

Leash Trained: In training  Potty: Indoor and outdoor  Basic Commands: In Training Ever Been Alone in Home: Yes

Food brand: Kibbles  Number of Feeding per Day: 1

Kid Friendly: 1/5 * Dog Friendly: 2/5 Cat Friendly: 4/5 *Barking: 2/5 Chewing: 3/5 Separation Anxiety: 1/5 Fear for Adult Men: 3/5 Active Level: 3/5 Independence Level: 3/5

*Cat interactions: Does not care for cats, usually ignores. No reaction to the cat at the vet.

*Kid Friendly: A little scared at first, but will warm up with time. She is slow to learn, although she is okay once she is familiar with the child. But the initial personality is not suitable for kids.

*Fear of Men: Nervous of strangers, if stranger approaches she will be  scared. If they ignore her she will feel safer, and over time open up. Not recommended for men to approach her first, not until she is used to them.

*Leash Trained: Currently loves to chew leashes, and has chewed through a couple.

*Dog Friendly: When she’s first introduced to a new environment/group of dogs, she will be afraid. After getting familiar with it, she might still fight.

*Chewing: See leash trained above.

Dixie was rescued from Miaoli public shelter, and was adopted when she was around 2 months old. The adopter’s mother would chain her in a cage and put her outside. There was a man that would constantly yell at her and deliberately startle her, so Dixie became protective and would bark at other strangers that resembles that particular man. The adopter was not happy with how her mother treated Dove, so she asked the rescuer to find Dove a better home.

In the beginning, Dixie was not very confident and was quite timid. After she gets to know the rescuer she becomes affectionate, obedient and food driven. She also has good recall at home. She can potty on grass, and she plays well with other dogs in the dog park once used to the location and dogs. When living in a multi-dog household, she needs to have some distance between other dogs when feeding. Despite being food driven, she does not steal other dogs’ food.

Being a Formosan Mountain dog cross, she is a medium size dog around 15 kg and of a border collie size. Due to the intelligent, sensitive, and active nature of the breed, Dixie will do best in a family that has a medium to high energy life style. 

When she first arrives, it is best if the adopter doesn’t try to approach her, touch or comfort her. Ignore her, and let her have 5 days or more to decompress and come out of her shell.

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