Name: Hugo Fee: $1500 Location: Taiwan

Approx Birthday: April 18 2020 Sex: Male Breed: Poodle Weight: 6 kg Length (head to toe) 35 cm Height (chest to base of tail) 30 cm Spayed/Neutered? Yes

Conditions: Level one Patellar Luxation on both hind knees. No surgery needed. Limit vigorous jumping and activities and take frequent breaks. Can take some supplements like Glucosamine. Previous Injury: None Food Type: Hills Puppy Kibbles Food Brand: Hills Eating Habit 3 times a day

Leash Trained: Can walk on leash Tolerates Crating? Only when no one is home Potty Habit: Outdoor/Indoor – still learning to hold for an extensive period of time Basic Commands None Ever been Alone in Home: No. Pee Pads: No. Shreds them. 

Kid Friendly: 3/5 Loves children but still doesn’t know how to gauge his activity around children. Might knock over young children or playfully nip. More suitable for older children. 
Dog Friendly: 5/5 Actively invite to play with dogs with all sizes. If a dog growls at him, then he backs off and cowards slightly, and observe at the side. 
Cat Friendly: 4/5 Depending on the cat. If the cat is quite confident and hisses, then Hugo cowards. If it is a quieter disengaged cat, then Hugo would lightly nip the scruff to invite play.  
Ever Lived with a Cat?: No Difference in Treating Indoor/Outdoor Cat?: No

Barking: 3/5 Alert barking and slightly on the sensitive side. 
Chewing: 3/5 Chews when he was teething and generally explores the world with his teeth. Holds up other dogs’ beds and “throw” them like frisbees. Loves fabrics of all kinds. Will pull on your pants when you are putting them on. 
Separation Anxiety: 3/5 When he knows his human are in the home but he cannot reach them, then he would keep seeking them and calling. During the night, he understands that his humans are sleeping and can sleep quietly in a separate room. 

Fear for Adult Men: 1/5 No fear and loves people. 
Fear for Strangers: 1/5 No fear and loves people. Kisses everyone and anyone

Hugo was pulled from the shelter in Taichung. He currently lives with two women, two dogs and three cats. He loves sleeping with people! Other than pottying during the night, he can sleep through the night. When the humans sleeping next to him wakes up, he would wake up too and follow his person around. He loves being groomed and enjoys the warm air from the hairdryer. He can sleep through while being dried. He loves seating at the middle arm rest in the car when his human drives. Does alert bark sometimes at strangers but not always. So far, the foster has not figured out his trigger for his inconsistent alert barking. 

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