Name: Mooncake Fee: $700 Location: Vancouver

Approx Birthday: 1/1/2016 Sex:Female Breed: Schnauzer Weight: 18 lbs Length (head to toe): 19 inches Height (chest to base of tail):14 inches Spayed/Neutered?: Yes

Special need: Light cataract on left eye Previous Injury: Mammary gland tumour –

Food Type: Kibbles Food Brand: Go! Sensitivities Limited ingredient grain free salmon Eating Habit: twice

Leash Manners: Heels, stops abruptly when distracted Current Walking Habit:3 times a day Tolerates Crating?:yes Potty Habit: Outdoor, still in training Basic Commands: Sit Ever been Alone in Home: Only without people

Kid Friendly: 5/5 Very Friendly. Actively approach and seek affection. Does not get put off by rude actions, actively approaches – has only come into contact with a handful of kids. Dog Friendly:5/5 Very Friendly. Actively approach and seek play. Does not get put off by rude actions from puppies or dogs. Understands social cues and leaves the dogs that don’t want to play alone. If being attacked, can appropriately standup for self and leave safely, very friendly. will approach dogs but doesn’t know quite how to play. prefers to observe. Cat Friendly: unsure – haven’t been tested Currently Lived with a Cat?:No Difference in Treating Indoor/Outdoor Cat?:No

Barking: 1/5 Rarely barks at all Chewing: 2/5 Chews when occasionally when bored and enjoys chewing toys or chewing treats.Separation Anxiety: no separation anxiety when human leaves but has always been at home with another dog.

Fear for Adult Men: 1/5 Very Friendly. Actively approach and seek affection. Fear for Strangers: 1/5 Very Friendly. Actively approach and seek affection. Fear for Traffic: 2/5 Jumps slightly when encountering large and loud vehicles and/or devices. Recovers within 10 minutes.

Activity Level: 2/5 Medium low energy – needs at least an hour per day of exercise. Low intensity and low impact exercises are okay Velcro Level:4/5 Cuddly – loves being petted, held, on people and sometimes actively seek cuddly. When the humans leave, can be content to be on couch for a period of time, then will go look for humans Prey Drive:2/5 Low prey drive – runs around sometimes for fun but it is for the love of running and playing and not to kill, has not been tested with other small animals really

Mooncake is the sweetest pup ever. You wouldn’t know that she is a rescue when you meet her because she is so loving and happy. She has the kindest eyes that when you look at her, she stares right into your soul and melts your heart. She has no problem going up to strangers and dogs alike – she greets all with the cutest tail wag. Mooncake is very playful and loves her toys so much that she will often keep herself preoccupied. She likes her space (preferably on the edge of a bed or couch) but loves to cuddle with her human just as much.

She is working on her potty training at the moment. She has gotten really good at holding it; however, she still does not know how to let her human know when she needs to go. She will need a good schedule to keep her on track. She is pretty good on leash although she does get distracted easily by just about anything and will abruptly stop.

Mooncake is a very social dog so she would love a home with someone home often or with a doggy companion. This girl will always greet you with the happiest tail wag and grunt! She will make a great addition to any family.
Mooncake does have skin allergies related to diet, specifically chicken. Even on the salmon diet, there is still some itching/licking of the paws but not nearly as much as before. Her ears also need attention as she does have a tendency to get ear infections – will need to clean often.

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