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Breed:Formosan Mountain Dog Approx Birthday: Nov 25 2018 Gender: Female Weight: 12 kg Height (head to toe): 60 cm  Length (chest to base of tail): 55cm 

Spayed?: Yes Special Need: Amputated right hind leg Food brand: Hills Kibble Things to work on: Excitement when seeing dogs on leash

Kid Friendly: 5/5 *Dog Friendly: 4/5 Cat Friendly: Not met one *Barking: 1/5 Chewing: 2/5 Separation Anxiety: 1/5 Fear for Adult Men: 1/5 Active Level: 3/5

Harness Trained: Yes Potty: Mostly Outdoor Basic Commands: Yes Pee Pads: Yes Ever Been Alone in Home: Yes

*Dog Friendly: Too excited when seeing them on walks.  

*Kid Friendly: can be handled and walked by children. affectionate 

Nance just arrived in Vancouver not long ago and is adjusting to the cold weather and all the fun doggos out there! She was a little hesitant at first but she soon made friends with her roommate Juicy! They would play nonstop (sometimes even in the middle of the intersection) and pass out snoring when the foster separate them for a time-out. Nance is loving and can be picked up, but she is still overly excited when seeing other dogs on walks. This still requires some good control and work. Food driven and crate trained, Nance can be a fun companion! She doesn’t let the missing limb slow her down and would jump up and down the couch playing if you let her. Being an amputee, she needs to keep her weight down, perhaps slightly less than a normal ideal weight. With the hind leg amputated, Nance can be more prone to ACL tearing, however, there’s no restriction for day to day movements. 

The rescuer was on her way to trap and spay 3 female dogs, only to find the happy Nance running towards her. She has one of the kindest eyes the rescuer has seen in a dog! Just when the rescuer was going to pet her, she noticed the bones where protruding out of one of Nance’s legs. 

Adoption Application Adoption Fee

Excited to go for a walk
walked with kid on leash
walking in a crowded street
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