Name: William Fee: $1500 Location: Taiwan Earliest Date to Arrive: Aug 3 2021

Approx Birthday: Jan 1 2018 Sex: Male Breed: Formosan Mountain Dog x Weight: 19 kg Length (head to toe) 60 cm Height (chest to base of tail) 65 cm Spayed/Neutered? Yes

Special need: No Previous Injury: None Food Type: Kibbles + Can Food Brand: Various Eating Habit Twice a day

Leash Manners: Heels Current Walking Habit: 3 times a day Tolerates Crating? Yes Potty Habit: Outdoor Basic Commands Sit & Paw Ever been Alone in Home: Been alone without people or dogs

Kid Friendly: 4/5 Needs time to warm and be petted and handled. Does not seek interaction. Flicker lightly if being touched
Dog Friendly: 4/5 Actively invites and likes to play, but dislikes certain dogs
Cat Friendly: 4/5 Does not chase or approach. If gets slapped does not fight back will leave the scene
Ever Lived with a Cat?: Yes Difference in Treating Indoor/Outdoor Cat?: No

Barking: 2/5 Alert barking mostly, and will stop almost immediately with one command
Chewing: 1/5 Does not chew at all
Separation Anxiety: 1/5 No separation anxiety

Fear for Adult Men: 1/5 No fear and loves men
Fear for Strangers: 2/5 Needs some time around 10-15 min to be touched or handled. Can be walked. May flinch and jump slightly when touched but no aggression.
Fear for Traffic: 1/5 No fear can walk normally

Activity Level: 3/5 Minimum 45 minutes walks twice a day
Velcro Level: 2/5 Independent. Accepts the idea of human interactions but is indifferent if the humans don’t interact.
Prey Drive: 2/5 Can live with small animals. May try to play but has no intention to hurt. Small animals are stressed when seeing the dog

The rescuers went to the coal power plant to trap and neuter dogs and William was one of the dogs they trapped. He was easy and so friendly that the rescuers could just walk over to him, pick him up, put him in the car and drive off. After the rescuers got to know him, they decided to find William a home he deserves. The rescuers heard from the staff at the power plant that William came from the Fujian province in Mainland China via a boat. No one claimed him back when the boat returned to Fujian. Because the workers at the power plant are mostly men, so William is very used to male strangers and are not afraid of them. When he goes to a new environment, he might hold his pee and poop for 3-4 days until he settles. Overall he is calm, obedient.

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